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  • HS22340
  • HS22340
A+++ Energy Efficiency

A+++ Energy Efficiency

A+++ product consumes up to 40% less energy than an identical A product.


ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor

What do you want for lunch? If you’re one of those always-in-and-out of-the-fridge types, it will help save on your energy bill if your fridge has a Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor. That way you can open the door for a good nose inside as many times as you like and the clever ProSmart™ technology will adapt and create fewer temperature variations, cooling your food quickly and cleverly saving energy and money. On top of all that, the ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor is four times quieter than the compressor in your average fridge*. * Tested by internal labs

Technical Specifications
Door Color (RF) White - ARC P1
Cooling System Type Static
Illumination Type Standart Bulb (Yellow)
Energy Class (RF) A+++
Freezer compartment illumination Inside
Blue Light No
Active Dual Cooling No
Daily Energy Consumption at 25°C(kwh/24h) 0.34
Daily Freezing Capacity (kg) 12
Freezer Compartment Net Volume (lt) 230
Noise Level (dbA) 39
Temperature Rise Time (Hour) 56
Product Door Type Chest Type
Charge (kg) 0.056
Control System (RF) Mechanic
Annual Energy Consumption at 25°C(kwh/year) 124
Cabinet Width 128.5 cm
Cabinet Height 86.0 cm
Cabinet Total Gross Volume 227 L
Antibacterial Gasket Yes
Antibacterial odour filter No
Freezer Baskets 2
Width - Unpacked 110.1 cm
Height - Unpacked 86.0 cm
Weight - Unpacked 45.0 kg
Storage Box under Door Rack Not Applicable
Moving Adjustable Door Rack NO
Inverter Compressor Yes
Multi Purpose Compartment (2nd Layer Crisper) No
Dairy Cover Not Applicable
Min. Ambient Tempertaure Req-d For Satisfactory Operation(°c) -15
Freezer Position Horizontal Freezer