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How often will you run your dishwasher?

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Don’t you just hate the sight of all those dirty dishes stacked on top of each other in the sink? You’ll have to scrub them too. Yuck! Beko AquaIntense® is here to save the day. With a special ‘Intensive zone’ on the right hand side of the machine, a 180° rotating arm and a 360° water coverage, AquaIntense® ensures 5-times-better cleaning performance*. Throw away your rubber gloves and leave the washing to us. * Tested by DW factory with Intensive 70 programs
EverClean™ filter
Have you ever stopped to think where all the dirt from your dishes goes? Well, we hate to tell you this, but most of it gets stuck in your dishwasher’s filter, and as you can guess, cleaning it is a messy business. Luckily, with the world’s first EverClean™ filter technology from Beko, you can change your filter 4 times less often* compared with other dishwashers, as 80% less dirt** builds up in your filter. Don’t lift a finger until you have to, darling.*Tested by internal laboratories
If you love the easy life, you’re going to love Beko’s hassle-free Autodosing technology, which lets you forget about dishwasher detergent for a whole month. It measures out the optimal amount of detergent according to the program you choose, saving you money and preventing any issues with residue or rinsing. Sorry we can’t help you with unloading.
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