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How often do you do laundry each week?

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ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

A single drying cycle may not seem like it consumes much energy, but things add up over time, especially if your appliance comes with a 10 year warranty like Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter tumble dryers. They keep the noise down too. Thanks to a variable, frictionless motor spin, your drying won’t disturb anyone.


Sometimes the laundry basket threatens to spiral out of control. Now you can stay on top of the washing with super-energy-efficient Beko CoolClean™ technology, which lets you wash your normally soiled laundry at 20°C with the performance of 40°C, while saving 75%* of the energy. What a deal! * Tested by 3rd party laboratories


With a demanding job and a long commute, who’s got time to iron? If you feel like there’s never enough time in the day, then you’ll love the SteamTherapy™ technology in Beko washing machines, which can reduce wrinkles in your laundry by up to 58%* decreasing ironing time by up to 28%*. It helps decrease odours too. Now you don’t have to waste time ironing in the morning - use it to grab a coffee instead. * Tested by 3rd party laboratories
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5 KG

Beko is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand which provides a wide product range to make the best use of space in your home.

  • WCC 5611 BC
    • Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) : 148 kWh
    • Capacity (kg) : 5
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1200

  • WMB 51221 C
    • Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) : 158 kWh
    • Capacity (kg) : 5
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1200
    • Auxillary Function -1 : Prewash
    • Auxillary Function -2 : Quick

  • WTC 5701 B0
    • Annual Energy Consumption (AE_c) (kWh) : 146 kWh
    • Capacity (kg) : 5
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400
    • Auxillary Function -1 : Prewash
    • Auxillary Function -2 : Quick